Batman Arkham Knight Review




Fun Fact:  All of the DLC has been announced.

Overall Thought: A fun and entertaining game but lacked the same exceptional experience that came from its predecessors.

The Body: This is one of the hardest games out there right now to review. On the one hand, it is an A+ game that is technically everything that a fan would ask for in a game, with a very solid story with memorable scenes and characters. So, yes it is a good/great game, easily an A minus; however, as the third game (Arkham Origins doesn’t count) in the Arkham series, it somehow felt shallower than its predecessors. Arkham Asylum will and should be counted as a classic action sandbox game. Arkham City felt like a natural expansion. And Arkham Knight starts out well as a natural expansion, but yet…

Maybe, it is just that the combat, while smoother and had exciting new combos, felt stale. Maybe it is the Arkham Knight, a very bland character that was a disappointment compared to others in the cannon. Or, maybe, it was the addition of the Batmobile. Overall, I liked the Batmobile, but by the end of the game I was tired of using it. It just felt too repetitive. Having to unlock multiple endings in the game did not help the experience for me either generika viagra kaufen. It is hard to put a finger on any one thing, but overall, it just felt the weakest game in the Arkham series. If it stood alone and was stripped from its legacy, it probably would have been a better game for me. It just had too much going on with a story with too many individual vignettes that just dragged on so much it sucked the enjoyment out of the game for me.

Overall, the Joker worked. Scarecrow made a fantastic villain and the side quests varied from divine to above average. Working with Robin, Oracle, and Gotham PD felt natural and added a lot to the world.

Is it worth playing? Yes. But in the end I think the feeling that I was left with was a feeling of disappointment. Maybe it was the finality of the game or how it became slog to an anticlimactic ending (not unlike the Nolan movies). Something felt missing. The first Arkham game felt like it was a labor of love. Since then the games have progressively felt hollower. The sequels were fantastic checklists of what belongs in a great video game but lacked something from the original. There is something in the formula of the first Arkham that has been left out of its predecessors and the only thing I can come up with is the Asylum itself. In Arkham Asylum, the setting added to the experience much like a character in of itself, but in City and Knight, the setting just seemed there.

Apparently the PC version is busted and there could be hope that one day it will be fixed. Definitely, would not buy the re-released PC version without making sure that it will actually work on your system.

Final thought: I liked it, but I wanted to like it more.