ESPN Monday Night…..Warcraft?

Ok, so hear me out on this one.

Let’s start with Modern Football.  Modern Football is exactly like World of Warcraft. Both are wildly popular and print more money than a central bank. People organize their entire lives around Sunday Football, Thursday Football, and Monday Night Football. People organize their entire lives around their raiding schedule. World of Warcraft has an underground gold market that appears to drive the game. Football has underground gambling that seems to drive the game from the shadows. World of Warcraft has Mountain Dew, Football has Beer. World of Warcraft has Francis. Football has Ditka. World of Warcraft has guilds. Football has the Dawg PoundRaider Nation, and Hogettes. World of Warcraft has cosplayers. Football has Replica Jerseys.

Now let’s wind back the clock, did you know the forward pass was a rarity back in the day? Yeah, historic football is nothing like its successor. Did you know Warcraft was once an RTS that ran on DOS? Did you know Warcraft used to look up to Civilization in the sales charts? Did you know Baseball used to be more popular than Football?

Let’s play a game: are these names of football players or units in Warcraft?

Tarkenton, Unitas, Swann, Biletnikoff, Creekmur, Trippi?

Who knows?

Watching an old 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s football game is just like a World of Warcraft player looking at gameplay video of Warcraft 1 or Warcraft 2. Some things might look familiar but for all intents and purposes it just seems like a different game.

Now for our quick 5.

  1. XFL = WoW “Killers.”  Mythical Failures that never lived up to their promise, both attempted to distill the core product down to its base element of fun and ended up being colossal failures leaving supporters bewildered and critics vindicated.
  2. Arena League = Dark Ages of Camelot. Both still exist? Well, okay then viagra 100mg filmtabletten bestellen.
  3. Canadian Football League = Guild Wars 2. Both appear to be similar to their counter-parts but the rules are a bit different. However, both are just missing the thing that makes the original.
  4. Rookies = Noobs. Both are subject to hazing and do random stupid things. A few of them will eventually become leet players.
  5. Fantasy Football = Theorycraft. Both are for stat nerds and ways to compare your e-peen with your ‘friends.’ Plus how else can you prove you are smarter than everyone else?

Real life is just like a game. This is why ESPN has just launched its esport’s ESPN eSports.  The mainstream cross over will be pretty quickly, because everyone already understands the concepts.