An Open Plea to Nintendo to Please Enter this Century

Ok, big N. We need to have a heart to heart. I love what you are doing at E3. The Games…the Games are awesome. Mario Kart 8 – With Hoverjets? Awesome. New 3D Style Super Mario World Game – Love it! Although the cat suit is… uh…interesting. Donkey Kong Country – Yes, please. More Link – Perfect. Getting Mega Man into Smash Brothers, It is like the NES/SNES all over again.

Yes, y’all get it. Games are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to be played with friends. They are social experiences, things to be enjoyed by anyone/anywhere. Y’all have the First Party titles all locked up and we love you for it.


Ok, firing everyone is a little harsh, but please hire someone, anyone who understands modern hardware, and how the internet works. Ok, not anyone, there is going to be some ex-Microsoft Xbox guys out there, feel free to ignore them.

Look, I get that your history with 3rd Parties is, well, troubled, and lawsuits may have been filed in the past, but this is the here and the now. Mario Kart isn’t going to push consoles by itself and it is certainly going to overcome poor design choices you have made. Mario Kart is a multiplayer game and you designed a console that really focuses on one player. This is counterintuitive. YOU are the multiplayer platform, never ever, ever design a system again that focuses on a single person. Also, Tablets need to do stuff. Also, your hardware needs to be more powerful. Not Xbox/Playstation powerful per se but better than the Wii U.  Something 3rd Parties can port to as well.

Look, you hate EA, we hate EA, but EA still makes games people begrudgingly want to play and you need to woo them back. It is kinda of your job. You know, give the consumers what they want. People want to play Madden, if your console can’t play Madden, then you can’t be a consumer’s only console. And in this day and age people don’t want to own multiple consoles any more. Look, between us…you’re looking a lot like the Sega, circa Dreamcast era. Remember how well that worked out for them? Yeah…us too.

Ok. So here is the deal, by 201X, you need to have a new console. Something on par with Microsoft and Sony’s options. And yes, it needs to have a Blu-Ray player. On the plus side, you don’t have to do 3D! Don’t make me live in a world where I have to play a Mario game on an Xbox or Playstation. Our inner child can’t take it. Call Nvidia. They might be able to help.

Just look at Super Mario Maker, a fantastic game and vision viagra einkaufen. Everyone can make their own levels and you can share them…kinda. I mean, seriously, how much better would this be if your internet options actually made sharing levels or helping others build levels, or team up building a level, or allowing you and a buddy to play a level together…COME ON BIG N! YOU CAN DO IT!


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