Ducktales Remastered Preview and Review

Ducktales, a NES platformer, has always had a special place in my heart. It was the first NES game that I ever played through from start to finish. Yesterday, it was announced that Capcom and WayForward Technologies are remastering and is releasing this classic this summer for $15. The Announced platforms are the PSN, XBOX, Steam, and WiiU platforms. Brand new sprites, backgrounds, and remastered music, this should be FANTASTIC!

Check out all the information here, on the Capcom Unity Site.

In looking over WayForward Technologies history, they have a bunch of solid titles with a lot of Movie/TV tie-ins, so it looks like they are the right guys for the job. The two biggest games that stand out are the <a href="http://en.wikipedia viagra versand”>Justice League Heroes for PSP, which is a solid game, and Batman The Brave and the Bold Wii game, which was a pretty decent brawler.

Overall the Remastered Edition is pretty good, the voice acting and the intro level are perfect and the trophies enhance the experience of the old NES classic. However, the magic of the original seems diminished, which could just as easily be explained as I am not a six year old any more.

Overall, I would give it a solid B+ and it is worth spending an afternoon on.